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SEO experts will be quaking in their boots as DNS (dot) Supplies unveils it’s new service which threatens to topple the current existing dominance of a particular domain extension that Americans see and use every day.

For example email is widely regarded as an ineffective method of marketing by many, but its image as a staid, low-converting method will change accompanied by initiatives presented by DNS (dot) Supplies.

This site, which is devoted to its mission to revolutionize virtually all static parts of the huge internet industry, actively refuses to mention what it calls, “the nasty word,” instead preferring to focus on its own vast selection of options for people to choose from.

Since “the nasty word” has sustained such a prolonged mental dominance over so many for so long, consequentially made this moment possible.

Should, the economic interest of others convince you to sacrifice your best public credentials and or your best business image?

DNS.Supplies  exist for who ever will to start doing relevant things  right.

Prove the importance of relevance to yourself: Inject for yourself and possibly others a path of influence.

eMarketer – one of the leading journals of record for the email industry – noted that as recently as May 2017, surveyors DMA and Demand Metric of US found that over 90% of business used email in their day-to-day communications.

The website also reported that email usage is still increasing. 269bn emails were sent worldwide in February 2017, a number set to increase by 4.4% to 319.6bn by 2021.

Marketers are not going to giving up on email and neither are businesses”. “As the demand for email grows, so will the demand for custom warm market identifiers  – and that is where DNS.Supplies comes in, providing quality options that are out of the box targeted and specialized.

This vision is one that’s shared by the Domain Name Association, who Yahoo! reported as releasing an April 2017 study called Hidden Advantages of a Relevant Domain Name. The new domain name extensions are also fueling a secret revolution in the way we use the internet – and the real reason that many of today’s so-called SEO experts will be quaking in their boots as they face the very real specter of their industry turning upside down.

The research found that relevant, meaningful domain extensions ranked well against their more common compatriot, a trend that was only likely to continue in time as usage grows.

As Bob Dylan once sang, the times are a ‘changing – and nowhere is that sentiment better echoed than in this exciting and dynamic area of the digital frontier. This SEO killer is only just waking up, and the self-proclaimed SEO experts who fail to start leveraging semantically relevant, meaningful extensions now available may find themselves left in the dust.


DNS.Supplies is an evolution in the email and domain forwarding industry, allowing business owners and individuals to use more meaningful and member able domain extensions.

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